Who is Cody Gakpo? Is Cody Gakpo African?

Many people are confused about Cody Gakpo’s place of birth and where he comes from

Who is Cody Gakpo? Is Cody Gakpo African?. Though Cody Gakpo has African ancestry, he’s fully a Dutch citizen who waa born in Eindhovan in the Netherlands.

How old is Cody Gakpo?

Cody was born May 7, 1999 to a Dutch woman and a Ghanaian-Togolese man. His full name is Cody Mathes Gapko. Cody by now has lots of family members in the Volta Region of Ghana and parts of Togo because bare that nameas their last name. Gakpo which literally means ‘metal’ in Ewe language, a language largely spoken by Togolese people and the people of Volta Region in Ghana. The language also spreads to Benin and parts of Nigeria.

Cody is a winger (number 11) who currently plays for PSV.

How tall is Cody Gakpo?

He is 1.89m tall, 6 ft 2 in.

Cody Gakpo career

He’s a PSV graduate who, who made his first debut in 2018 when he was only 18years. He joined the Netherlands national team in 2021 and played his debut game at Euro 2020. Before then, he also played youth International football for his country’s under-18 to under-21 level.

Facts about Cody Gakpo

He scored opener for Netherlands in Qatar Fifa World Cup competitions against Senegal.

He has Ghana-Togo ancestry

His parents met in Togo when Cody’s daddy played football in Togo

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