American democracy could end tomorrow – Malcolm Nance leaves Ukraine for US after months of fight

Malcolm Nance announce his departure from Ukraine to America as the country vote tomorrow in their mid-term elections

Malcolm Nance who joined Ukrainian soldiers as a volunteer months ago said his time in Ukraine has come to an end. Though he could not speak on his return to the war-torn country, its obviously the end of the road for him after helping the Ukrainian army for months.

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Americans are bracing for a volatile mid-term elections with fears of political violence, and Malcolm Nance is certainly not happy. An American researcher, Colin Clarke analysed what is likely to happen before and after the mid-terms elections.

Malcolm believe “American democracy could end tomorrow” as they casts their votes, and he needs to be in his beloved country “after 10 months in Ukraine”. He’s throwing his might behind Democrats as he advocate for Americans to vote blue.

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