Who is Valery Zaluzhny, Commander in chief of Ukraine Armed Forces. His quotes?

Who is Valery Zaluzhny?

Valery Zaluzhny is currently the General in charge of Ukraine operations amidst Russia’s invasion of the country

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Valery Zaluzhny is a Ukrainian soldier who’s rising from the ranks in the army is a thing of admiration to many Ukrainians and his colleagues. But who is Valery Zaluzhny and his main role in the Ukrainian army?

Valery Zaluzhny is a four star Ukrainian General. He has served as the commander in chief of Ukraine Armed Forces since July 2021. So technically, he has been the General in charge of Ukraine forces since Russia’s invasion of the country from February 24, 2022 till now. He became a membere of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine just a day after he became commander chief.

How old is Valery Zaluzhny? How tall is he? and what is his education status?

How old is Valery Zaluzhny? Is he really that old?. He is a very younf man who us almost at 50. He’s currently 49 years old. He was born in July 8, 1973.

What is Valery Zaluzhny’s nick name and his education background?

He went to Ivan Chemyakhovsky National Defense University of Ukraine, Odesa Military Academy. He’s best known to be the Iron General

What are General Valery’s ranks in his career?

  • He became Major General in August 2017
  • Lieutenant General 24 August 2021
  • General on March 4, 2022

What are some of his recent quotes amidst Russia’s invasion of Ukraine?

“We have destroyed the professional Russian army, it is time to destroy the amateur one”

“We will destroy everyone who comes to our land with weapons whether voluntarily or by mobilisation”

“Knowing what I know firsthand about her Russians, our victory will not be final. Ukraine’s victory will be an opportunity to take a breath and prepare for the next war with Russia”

He recently got featured on the Time cover. This issue comes out thos year October 10 with a story titled “inside the Ukrainian counterstrike that turned the tide of the war”

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