Why 40000 Syrians signed up to fight for Russia in Ukraine

Over 40000 Syrian soldiers ready to fight for Russia


Why 40000 SYRIANS signed up to join Russian forces in Ukraine to fight for the aggressor.

More than 40000 Syrians signed up already to fight for Russia according to reports.

Fighters across the world especially the UNITED STATES, CANADA, GERMANY, UK etc. are currently fighting for UKRAINE as we speak. Read more: Why Ukraine allowed 20000+ volunteers to fight Russians.

The fighters responded to the call of Ukrainian President Zelensky. The President announced that anyone who was interested to fight with Ukraine soldiers could be enlisted. Now Russia seems to be doing same.

This is the main reason behind Russia’s decision to invite fighters from all-over the world especially from the MIDDLE EAST because they’re moat a slow pace.

Over 3000 Americans have already signed up to join the International Legion of Territorial Defense, a coalition of fighters to help Ukrainian soldiers fight against Russian forces.

This triggered Russia to also reach out for foreign fighters from neighbouring countries for reinforcement.

Russia was very instrumental in Syrian conflict in 2015 when President Bashar Al Assad faced a challenge. There was a protest across Syria demanding an end to the President’s authoritarianism. Putin deployed Russian troops to help Bashar and his regime in Syria. Russia then launched several airstrikes, making the Syrian leader to repossess more parts of Syria.

“So far, more than 40000 have signed up for enlistment. But have signed up on promises to receive salary and privileges. We find it noteworthy that Russian President Vladimir Putin believes that he needed rely on foreign fighters to supplement what is a very significant commitment of combat power inside Ukraine as it is” a DOD spokesperson said.

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The statement also said Russia is “frustrated by a stiff Ukrainian resistance. These additional forces are going to be positioned to respond to the current security environment in light of Russia’s renewed aggression against Ukraine and to reinforce deterrence and defensive capabilities of NATO, particularly the eastern flank, and we’re going to adjust the posture as conditions evolve” the statement said.

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