Why are LGBTQ folks still on earth when God burnt Sodom and Gomorrah – Lydia Forson

Making her point, the beautiful Ghanaian actress asked some very questions after JoyNews posted on LGBTQ where one Mr Moses Amoaning, an anti LGBTQ activist spoke on the matter.

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According to him, ‘homosexuality was listed as a mental disorder’ but according to Lydia Forson, the comments from Moses was very discriminatory

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“activist are fighting against the hunting and killing of people who look like you for their body parts in some countries, all because they’re different” she stated

Mr Foh Amoaning is an albino, a condition that triggered the actress to make such statements.

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Responding to another tweet posted by JoyNews where Mr. Amoaning alleged that homosexuals will die and go to hell, the actress emphasized that Christians are rather supposed to pray for them and love them more if truly they’re sinners because that’s what God will do.

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Answering a question to that, Lydia says she actually thought the very last of them would have been burnt by God into ashes

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