Why Elon Musk said Italians will disappear on earth (Video)

Elon Musk says the world’s biggest problem is population collapse

Elon Musk believe the whole world needs to do more on procreation.

According to him, there’s a high shortfall in birthrate in recent times which is a major problem but no one is ready for this conversation.

The world’s richest man on earth years ago warned The world will face a population collapse – Elon Musk if the trend continues.

The billionaire posted statistics gathered by The Wall Street Journal how U.S birthrate has been on the decline. His post generated massive conversation on Twitter

He posted graphics from WSJ, showing the down trend of USA fatality rate. “USA birth rate has been below min sustainable levels for 50years” Elon said.

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The billionaire went on to post another research by The World Bank to back his claim. This list include developed countries like Luxembourg, Italy, Japan, Ukraine, Singapore, Spain etc.

“Lowest birthrate countries, according to World Bank”

This post prompted a reply from one of his followers who said despite a good welfare in Italy, people are not giving birth.

“Italy. despite we have a good welfare birthrate, it’s failing” Andrea Stroppa posted with a diagram

“Italy will have no people if these trend continues” Elon Musk said after seeing the diagram.

Speaking on a forum with China’s billionaire Jack Ma, the billionaire said the world’s major problem is population collapse which will be real twenty years from now. According to him, its very easy to predict what the world would be like twenty years from now.

Jack Ma also agreed with him. “I absolutely agree with that. The population problem is going to be a huge problem. 1.4billion peoin China sounds a lot but I think next twenty years will see a lot. This thing will bring a big problem to China. The speed of population decrease is gonna speed up. And Elon call it collapse, and I totally agree” Jack Ma said.

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