Why Elon Musk says he may “die under mysterious circumstances”

Russian verified account on twitter says Elon Musk will be held accountable like an adult for supplying Starlink satellite system to Ukraine

Richest man on earth Elon Musk says he may “die under mysterious circumstances”. The African American billionaire tweeted hours ago telling his fans even if he dies, they should know “it’s been nice knowing” them

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“If I die under mysterious circumstances, its been nice knowing ya” the richest man posted.

Elon Musk could not reveal his actual intentions or what may have necessitated his post but just within that minutes of tweet, he posted other tweets on Russian aggression against Ukraine. Elon from the beginning of the war in Ukraine fixed his Starlink satellite system in Ukraine. He actually agreed to help after Ukrainian foreign minister Dmytro Kuleba asked in a tweet. Read more Elon Musk joins Ukraine, Provides Starlink satellite system

Days after, the Tesla boss who now owns Twitter calls out Vladimir Putin for a fight, saying he could single handedly finish him. Read more: Why netizens blast Elon Musk for challenging Putin to a single combat

Being the richest man on earth definitely comes at a great price. You’ll eventually developed so many enemies along the way. But many social media users are of the view that, the billionaire might be scared of his life after helping Ukraine with his Starlink satellite system.

The Russians have accused the billionaire of involving himself in the war by supplying his Starlink satellite system to Ukraine. The billionaire also posted hours ago of possible threats.

“Elon Musk thus in involved in supplying the fascist forces in Ukraine with military communication equipment. And for this, Elon, you will be held accountable like an adult, no matter how much you play the fool”

Now that was really threatening and a terrifying post from a Russian verified account.

His mother, Mane musk was not happy about his tweet. “That’s not funny” she replied her son with a scary imoji.

He later replied her mom’s tweet saying he would “do his best to stay alive”

Just about an hour ago, the billionaire said “there are no angels in war”. While experts are trying to make meaning to his statement, some believe he may just be throwing another punch to the Russian Federation.

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