Why is America giving $40b to Ukraine when Europe is giving very little? TRUMP ask

Trump says Europe is more impacted by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and European countries should be supporting Ukraine more than America

Former President of the United States Donald Trump is asking some questions.

The 45th President of America is asking why his country is “giving more than $40 billion to Ukraine while Europe is giving very little”

Donald Trump is of the view that, European countries are more impacted by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and cannot fathom why America should pay so heavily.

“Why is America giving more? They are more greatly impacted by Russian invasion, obviously, than the U.S” the former President criticized.

Donald Trump earlier said he does not see any reason why Russia should invade Ukraine in the first place. According to him, the war should have never happened. In an interview, Donald Trump says Russia’s invasion of Ukraine doesn’t make sense, believe he has the solution.

During his tenure, Trump said it was time NATO nations pay an equal proportion of every amount number countries were paying. He believe he made NATO more richer by his policies. Trump also believed most European countries were very negligent in carrying out their respective duties, thereby putting more pressure on America.

Trump blame President Biden’s administration for America paying more, saying China and other nations must be smiling by now. The former leader of the free world months ago warned Putin invading Ukraine could lead to World War III – Trump, and that, he was the only one who could talk to Putin.

“I made NATO rich by making European nations to pay up. Most were delinquent and either not paying, or paying much less than they agreed to. Get Europe, and others to finally pay their fair share. China and others, is smiling all the way to the bank” Trump posted on Truth Social, his platform.

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