Why Manchester United want Thomas Tuchel badly after Britain sanctioned Roman Abramovich

Manchester United fans and pundits want the club to give Chelsea Coach, Thomas Tuchel a new job

Why Manchester United want Thomas Tuchel badly after Britain sanctioned Roman Abramovich

Why Manchester United want Thomas Tuchel badly after Britain sanctioned Roman Abramovich. Calls begun to grow for Manchester United to go for Tuchel just hours after UK government sanctioned Roman Abramovich. The UK government seized Chelsea, blocks Abramovich from selling the club British government blocks Chelsea sale, freezes all assets of Roman Abramovich

Jamie Carragher reveals that this is actually the best time for Manchester United to go after Thomas Tuchel.

Manchester United have been presented with the ideal opportunity recruit the manager who should be their number one target, Thomas Tuchel” Jamie Carragher said in a latest article published by Telegraph.co.uk

But the Chelsea coach earlier said he was happy where he is now and not ready to leave the club. Last month was exactly one year the German coach started work after the English club expelled Frank Lampard.

“I think I have a contract until 2024. Let’s try to stay as long as this contract says. This history tells us that it’s not that easy but I feel confident today that I can make it. I don’t want to be anywhere else. I hope I made it clear that I’m very happy where I am. It is not finished here, by far not finished. It just started and is so promising. I am not keen, not at all, to change” Tuchel said

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Thomas Tuchel in space of one year won the champions league with Chelsea, won the FIFA Club World ■ Chelsea beat Palmeiras to win Club World Cup title (Video).

He also led the club to win the super Cup. Recently, he took Chelsea to Carabao Cup final but lost to Liverpool ■ Liverpool beat Chelsea to win Carabao Cup (Video)

So he won three titles for the club in 12 months. This is the quality Manchester United wants. The club have played leagues for five years without winning any trophy. ■ The last time Manchester United won a trophy was in 2017

They believe Thomas Tuchel is the man who could turn things around for the club.

“only clubs of a certain calibre will attract Thomas Tuchel. It will be negligent of Manchester United to fail to sound him out. As a coach, he is exactly what they need” Jamie Carragher emphasized.

But the German coach is a loyal man. Speaking to news outlets after Norwich City match yesterday, he said “as long as we have enough shirts and a bus to drive to the games, we will be there and we will compete hard”

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