Why New York Mayor want young people to invest $10 into bitcoin

Eric Adams says young people should invest $10 in cryptocurrency


Why New York Mayor want young folks to start investing in cryptocurrency

Many Americans do not understand newly elected MAYOR of New York City, Eric Adams after he said he encourage young people to invest into bitcoin.

“I encourage young people to put money into bitcoin” Mayor of New York City said.

The mayor did not emphasize on the exact form of investment whether they should go into bitcoin merchant services or bitcoin cloud computing etc.

The New York mayor believe cryptocurrency is the future. Mr. Eric Adams revealed he has been meeting young people on the streets who keeps asking him about cryptocurrency. They are always curious to know more so I simply explain to them that it “is a new way of paying for goods and services throughout the entire globe”

The Mayor is now encouraging young people not to be scared but take the future into own hands to be the change they want to see.

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“This is a clear signal from me that I am not playing. We have become too afraid as a city, we have become a culture of no. We turn everything down. This used to be a city where we led from the front” he said.

Many people have criticized him especially on his $10 bitcoin investment statement but to him, it would serve as an eye opener for many young people.

He is also encouraging blockchain technology to he thought in schools. Because it can close the gab of income inequality.

“Blockchain technology can help combat income inequality and serve as a tool for giving incentives to residents. And that is what we must do, open our schools to teach the technology, and teach this new way of thinking when it comes down to goods and services” he said.

It’s good for young people to venture into bitcoin cloud computing, bitcoin merchant services and many others.

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Here are some reactions on social media (twitter)

“Why do not encourage dollar cost averaging and patience. What is a 10 dollar investment going to do?” (Focusonoctober)

“Teach you how it works, play with it. If you loose 10 dollar is not the end of the world. This way, you can see how it works for the future. It’s smart” (DrizzyHoon)

“$10? You need a new writer for your speeches because they don’t know anything about bitcoin” (firhutshewa)

“Worst financial advice ever. I would encourage young people to research bitcoin and blockchain rather than invest in it without knowing” (onlynft_s)

“Fantastic advice. Young people in general need to be made aware of their investment options. Let alone the opportunities of cryptocurrency including bitcoin” (clawdiaKitten)

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