Why President Zelensky want a no fly zone over Ukraine

Zelensky says things could be worse if the sky is not closed in Ukraine

Why President Zelensky want a no fly zone over Ukraine

The Ukrainian President have been preaching a no fly zone over Ukraine for a while now. The President said it is far better to close the sky now than wait when things become worse. Speaking to Alex Crawford of Sky News, the President believe this is certainly the right time.

The President had earlier posted a disturbing video of Russian forces bombing a maternity hospital, and asked how long the world would stay aloof to such atrocities.

Now, you may be wondering why President Zelensky want a no fly zone. According to him, millions will die if the sky is not closed.

“people children are under wreckage. Atrocity, how much longer will the world be an accomplice ignoring terror? Close the sky right now. Stop the killings, you have power but you seem to be losing humanity” Zelensky posted

Alex Crawford asked him about his advocate for it and he said by the time the world realized that, it would have been too late.

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“Nobody knows. But we know that exactly that now is very bad. And in future, it will be too late. Believe me if its prolonged this way, you will see they will close the sky but we will lose millions of people. The third world war will start and only then you will make a no-fly zone but it will be too late”

War analysts have said closing the sky over Ukraine will be the start of third world war. President Putin hard earlier warned the West and NATO allies on Ukraine’s request for a no-fly zone. Putin said the West should consider being at war with Russia if it consider a no-fly zone.

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