Why Russian flagship warship Moskva is biggest lost since WWII

Why Russian Moskva lost is big blow to the country


Why Russian flagship warship Moskva is biggest lost since WWII

Here is why Russian flagship warship Moskva will go down in history as one of the greatest lost in modern history

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Russian flagship warship Moskva sank after Ukraine soldiers fired Neptune missiles that totally destroyed it. It was big blow to the Russian government as they could not officially confirm the news outrightly.

The Russian government is yet to make any official statement (s) on the lost of the flagship warship Moskva, and the number of deaths. But reports say there were over 500 crew members aboard, and out of this, only 54 have been rescued. Note that this number is not official since its not confirmed from Russian government. Read more: Only 54 crew members of Russian warship Moskva to be rescued out of 500

The first video and picture of flagship warship Moskva has has leaked after it sank though it’s not from the Russian government, many believe its exactly the Russian warship Moskva

Here’s the video below

Now let’s discuss why its the biggest lost to Russia in modern history

At 12,490 tons it is bigger then Argentina’s General Belgrano that was sank by the Royal Navy in 1982.

It is a great military value as a platform for the air defence and missile bombardment of land targets. The loss is of great significance because it is likely to be irreplaceable. It is the only warship of its class built in Ukraine in 1979. Now, Russia can’t transfer warships from elsewhere to replace it because Turkey has closed Bosphorus to military traffic. (This is by Chris wiki an twitter as @ChrisO_wiki)

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The Black Sea warship Moskva is of great significance to the Russian military as it is considered one of the best, if not the best in the world. Remember Russia is the second most powerful military country in the world: Top 10 countries with the strongest military

Militarily, lost of the Black Sea Fleet flagship warship Moskva makes Russia less powerful as the second most strongest military power in the world. It takes away that pride of might.

Now, how was Ukraine military able to take down the powerful warship?. Reports say the attack took place during a storm, which earlier made people believe Russian government was right when it said it all happened because of the storm. But the disbelieve followed after it was discovered that it was hit by Ukraine Neptune missiles. As to how many Ukraine Neptune missiles, we can’t confirm but it is believe they fired two Neptune missiles. Does Ukraine have Neptune missiles?. How did Ukraine do it? Read more:How did Ukraine Navy sink Russian warship Moskva?

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