Why was Hu Jintao taken out of Chinese Party Congress?

China communist party 2022

Former President of the Republic of China, Hu Jintao was escorted off the Hall when Xi Jinping was about to make his statement

Hu Jintao was sent off the Hall during closing session of Communist Party Congress where Xi Jinping was just about to make his speech. Hu Jintao who is currently 79yearl old abruptly left Xi’s side as security guards escorted him out of the Hall.

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The Chinese media reports that the former President was excused from the gathering because of poor health. However, many observers think otherwise as they have a contrary view and therefore interpret the video differently. Hu Jintao was leader of CCP and president of China from 2002 to 2012. Xi Jinping, who took over from him in 2013 has been given a third term mandate by his party to lead the people.

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Communist Party Congress

What are people saying about the situation. Why was he “humiliated” like people say?

China communist party Congress 2022

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