Wife of US diplomat, Anne Sacoolas pleads guilty to the death of teenager Harry Dunn

Anne Sacoolas who is wife of an American has pleaded guilty over the death of Harry Dunn

Anne Sacoolas, a 45year old woman has finally pleaded guilty to have being the cause of death of Harry Dunn. She pleaded guilty at the Old Bailey after she fled the United Kingdom when the tragic incident occurred.

She had been accused and charged in 2019 over the demise of the 19year old teenager, Harry Dunn, who had lots of life ahead of him but her reckless driving took his life in England, Croughton.

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Anne Sacoolas bolted to the the United States just days after her vehicle crashed into Dunn’s motorcycle, leading to his sudden demise. His demise was agonising moments for the family, amd they have been living with that traumatising experience till now. Her leaving to the US under the guise of diplomatic immunity sparked huge public uproar in the UK. She left the country 19 days after the Incident happened on August 27, 2019.

Delegates from the UK’s Police Command went to United States to interrogate her after she had left. Donald Trump, who happened to he the President then, described the incident as a “terrible incident” but “complex issue”. Trump’s administration made arrangements for Dunn’s parents to meet Sacoolas. Both parties later came to the White House but Dunn’s parents refused to meet Sacoolas unless she face charges in the UK.

She appeared in court by a video in Washington DC to plead guilty on Thursday. Following her plea, the presiding judge set a sentencing date where she’ll reappear in court to start her jail term. The judge also revealed she’ll serve her sentencing in the United States. But here’s one thing for sure; justice has been served.

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