Wilfried Mbappe, father of Kylian Mbappe said in 2018 his son couldn’t play for Cameroon because they demanded money

Mbappe’s father said his son couldn’t play for Cameroon because someone ar the Football Association then, demanded money unlike France where they took nothing.

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Wilfried Mbappe, father of Kylian Mbappe said his son couldn’t play for Cameroon because they demanded money.

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Wilfried Mbappe, father of PSG star Kylian Mbappe revealed in 2018 that he actually wanted his son to play for the Cameroonian senior team but it never saw the day light.

This was simply because there was “someone” at the Assocition’s office who demanded money first. Wilfried Mbappe said he was surprised because he knew it was not appropriate. So he had no option but leave with his son to France and lo and behold, France charged a zero fee and gave him opportunity.

It was about 4 years ago, and Kylian Mbappe was only 19years old when it happened. He was just starting his career and would have been of great asset for the Cameroon team. But Cameroon lost him to France. While France charged zero, nothing like corruption.

What happened in this year’s Afcon, Afcon2021?

“At first, I wanted my son to play for Cameroon but someone at the Cameroon Football Federation charged a sum of money that I don’t have to let him pay. The French didn’t charge me anything. This is how a French coach helped me” Wilfried said in 2018, disclosed.

I jumped on his story after Southampton defender, Mohammed Salisu made similar claims. Salisu said he was asked to pay money before he could play. Read more:Salisu was asked to pay money before he could play for U20 Black Stars

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Today, Mbappe is only 23year young footballer who is endowed with so much talent and is with Paris Saint-Germain. He renewed his contract with PSG months ago, making him the highest paid player in the world. News earlier circulate the young King was joining Real Madrid but that never happened. But Mbappe is still very young, and could still play for Real Madrid some day.

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