Will Putin use nuclear weapons in Ukraine? what does that mean for the world?

President of Russia Vladimir Putin in his statement last week said he was not bluffing when he said he can use nuclear weapons but how true is that?

Russian President Vladimir Putin emphasized that Russia will do the needful to defend all its territories even if there is a need to use “weapons of mass destruction”, the President said last week. Will Putin use nuclear weapons? Thus is the big question because he earlier said there are likely to be no winners. Watch that here:Putin threatens to bomb Ukraine with nuclear weapons, says the “west and NATO are making aggressive statements about Russia” (Watch)

Speaking on the matter this week, Dmitry Medvedev stressed the President was not joking or bluffing when he used those words.

“Russia has the right to defend itself if pushed and the threat of nuclear weapons is certainly not a bluff” he said.

What is America saying about Putin’s nuclear weapons threat?

Apparently, the United States have been sending private messages to Kremlin.ru, saying Russia will face catastrophic consequences should the country use weapons of mass destruction in Ukraine. The US has revealed that Russian Federation is currently struggling in its invasion of Ukraine and would like to go the extra mile to win this war. They also revealed Vladimir Putin is now extremely desperate and we all know what desperate people do.

What will happen if Russia use nuclear weapons?

White House National Security advisor Jake Sullivan said Washington informed Moscow ‘directly, privately, at a high level” interaction that any use of nuclear weapons would have catastrophic consequences for Russia”

He also emphasized that US and its allies will have no option than to respond strongly. However, Russian propagandists on live television said “there is no pity for Ukraine”. They also discussed targeting Brussels and Washington because Kyiv is not of importance to NATO than these above mentioned places.

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How will Russia’s use of nuclear weapon in Ukraine affect the world?

It will not only place heavy impact on Ukraine but the world at large. The world is already facing hike in prices of good and services. Ukraine and Russia are baskets of the world so just imagine what will happen.

Also US and its allies are strongly likely to attack Russia as stated above. Don’t forget Russia is now isolated and gradually becoming a sinking ship but still has some good friends who’ll side with them even when they got it all wrong, and they’ll also throw their might behind Russia. And this could escalate even further to a world war three. Remember Trump had earlier said Putin invading Ukraine could trigger a world war III: Putin invading Ukraine could lead to World War III – Trump.

What are expects saying on Russia’s possibilities of using nuclear weapons in Ukraine?

Michael Mcfaul

“In threatening to use nuclear weapons, Putin is not bluffing. He is deterring. He is trying to prevent the West from providing more sophisticated weapons to Ukraine. Amd its working. (Maybe there is a time later in the war when he’s losing badly when he goes crazy, but not yet)”

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