Woman gives birth to twins at age 50

woman gives birth to twins at age 50

The woman says she has been trying to give birth when she became 39

Manda Epton, born in Oxford but lives in Sydney, Australia who is now 54 reveals she gave birth to twins after spending £40,000 to get pregnant. The woman couldn’t keep the joy to herself. She gave accounts on her fertility journey.

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She had spent £40,000 for 11years before she finally birthed two beautiful daughters.

According to a story cited by Daily Mail, she actually made the decision to become a single mother after a long term relationship failed. She was told at 43 by a psychotherapist she will never give birth in her life

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Manda Epton had gone through 23 fertility treatments and had three miscarriages. But she kept trying and got pregnant with a double embryo. She finally conceived at 50 using a sperm donor at one clinic in South Africa to Freya and Chloe.

She gave an account where her a relationship she had in her 30s failed, and had decided to be alone, and to become a single mother.

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“I started doing treatments when I was 39, as I’d always dreamt of having a family. I continued dating over the 10years but always felt this pressure as I still wanted children”

Source: Daily Mail

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