Woman marries two men with multiple boyfriends shares experience (Video)

woman marries two men with multiple boyfriends shares experience

According to her, it is very OK for a woman to marry more than one man

Polandry is a form of polygamy where a woman takes more than two or more husbands at the same time. Polandry is constructed with polygamy one male or two or more females.

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This is exactly what she’s practicing. Because according to her, she has multiple boyfriends who satisfy her sexual desire and many more other things when she’s in need.

Speaking in an interview, she surprisingly said she had multiple partners aside her husband. She also said her husbands and boyfriends are at liberty to have multiple partners.

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“I have two husbands who live in my house. I have two husbands and more than one boyfriends, I have many partners. I have many boyfriends who live outside the home. Because I love humans, I’m a natural woman and I love attention” she said

Speaking on her sexuality, she said all these relationships don’t have to be sexual but most of them are. She also said she now has access to them anytime so when one is busy, she can easily switch and play with another. She also said she’s not polandry but polymorist because she allows her partners to have multiple partners too.

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“I have other partners, my husbands have other partners, my boyfriends have other partners. Nobody owns the other. I want my husbands to have many women because it shows how powerful we all are and how we can take care of ourselves”

here’s a video of the woman who marries two men

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