Woman Pays Her Best Friend Back By Sleeping With Her Husband

An unidentified woman shares her sad story of how her best friend went into bed with her husband.

The young woman said the sad event occurred when she returned home to retrieve her flash drive.

She said, “I returned home to retrieve my flash drive. To my surprise, I saw my husband in our matrimonial bed with another woman. Every part of my body was shaking. I shouted JESUS.”

She indicated that the said woman was her best friend whom she has been sharing secrets and other things with her. She disclosed that her best friend did that to pay her back.

“When I queried my best friend for her actions, she cheerfully said, it was payback,” she noted.

She narrated the story that led to the payback as follows:

“I remember way back in the university, this best friend of mine was dating a certain guy whom she tagged as broke. Accordig to her, the guy does not have a car. He lives a low standard life so she can’t live with him.

This boyfriend of yours, at all times, will express his grievances to me. As he kept on doing that, we caught feelings for each other and we started having an affair.

I accepted his proposal because of your displeasure and your lack of interest against him. Even after university we broke up.

I thought you have forgotten but never knew you still bore grudges against me.”

The young woman’s best friend has kept this situation in her mind for a very long time and decided to sleep with her best friend’s husband.

The unidentified young woman revealed that her husband lost his job following the advent of the novel coronavirus.

She revealed that she is the bread winner of the family and feels traumatized seeing her husband committing adultery with her best friend.

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