Wolrd war III an opportunity for Africa – Amadu Garba

World War III will benefit Africa – Adamu Garba

world war III is an opportunity for Africa – Adamu Garba

Nigerian politician and Presidential candidate says Africa needs world war III than any other continent.

Mr. Amadu Garba was adding his voice to how Russia invaded Ukraine and begun military operations in Ukrainian Capital Kyiv and other areasof the country. https://www.facebook.com/109746051257366/posts/295184589380177/

The former Presidential candidate said world war III is big opportunity for Africa but a lot of people do not know. His comments have caused a lot of public uproar amongst Nigerian citizens.

He said Africa was “nothing in the first and second that is why Africa remained poor and abandoned”.

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“world war III is an opportunity for Africa” he said

While some say his utterances are unnecessary and needles, some believe he has a point.

“He is right, I have been thinking of it since morning. This WW may be a blessing to Africa” @emeritus3310

“What is this Adamu Garba saying ?. Africa needs the world war more?. Some people are actually void of the thinking faculty” @kay_Dakop

“The mindset behind Bomo haram, we are poor bewe lack vision and prospect. And the minds of our leaders are shallow” @oyindageat

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