Casemiro Leaving Real Madrid Is Not A Good Decision – Xavi Barcelona’s Coach

A picture of Xavi and Casemiro

Earlier this week News247gh reported that Casemiro the Brazilian international and Real Madrid midfielder has signed a deal with Manchester United. And Casemiro will be unveiled as Manchester United player in the coming days.

Barcelona’s Coach Xavi believes that Real Madrid letting Casemiro leave bernabeu is not a good idea he also said Real Madrid has lots one of it’s key players in the midfield.

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Although Real Madrid fans are still weeping for the departure of Casemiro from Real Madrid to Manchester United.

The Barcelona’s Coach commented on the departure of Casemiro saying he is a key player for Los Blancos over the decade.

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He said “There’s no doubt that it will be a very important loss for Madrid”.

Xavi also flashed back and said Casemiro has been part of a successful era for Real Madrid over the year, Xavi added that he didn’t know what went wrong that eventually led the midfielder to leave the club.

He lamented that he couldn’t comment much because Barcelona to have their own challenges to face and deal with.

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