Y0ur face is like m0nkey half cast Shatta Wale t0 Baba Sadiq (video)

In a new video, Shata Wale is seen using some unpleasant words on Baba Sadiq, an entrepreneur.

His comments followed after the latter responded to Shatta wale’s attacks. According to Baba Sadiq, Shatta wale is a totally confused musician who doesn’t know what he’s doing. He revealed how the musician is losing his assets including his swimming pool.

“Dont bring your frustration to me if your swimming pool mansion has been taken from you. Dont even bring your frustration to me” sadiq said.

According to Sadiq, Shatta wale is very frustrated right now and seriously needs help.

“Don’t do that Sadiq, do you think the English you’re speaking is your own, somebody is helping you do 3music awards” he said

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