Yaya Toure’s agent said Pep Guardiola will never win Champions league because of African voodoo curse

How Pep Guardiola treated Yaya Toure continue to hunt him in his search for Champions league trophy glory

Yaya Toure’s agent said Pep will never win UCL title after his player accused Pep Guardiola in 2018 of treating him badly

The story of Yaya Toure and Pep Guardiola went viral again after the match between Real Madrid and Manchester City on May 4, 2022.

The champions league semifinal match ended in favour of Real Madrid after the team came from behind to defeat Manchester City

Yaya Toure in 2018 complained bitterly how Pep Guardiola treated him as a Manchester City player. The Ivory Coast legend accused his Coach of racism in 2018, questioning his origin as African.

“Maybe us, the Africans aren’t treated the same way as the others. I’m not the first. Other Barca players asked the question too. It got to a point I asked myself if it was because of my colour. It feels like he was jealous of me. He saw me as a rival. He was cruel with me. Do you really think he could have been like that with Iniesta?”

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Yaya Toure’s agent Dmitri Seluk who expressed his disappointment in Pep Guardiola said its likely he may never be able to win the UEFA Champions league because African powers (voodoos) are seriously working against him because of how he treated his player.

“Pep turned all Africa against himself. I’m sure that many African shamans in the future will not allow Guardiola to win the champions league. This will be for Guardiola an African curse. Life will show whether im right or not” Dmitri Seluk said in 2018.

He has now suffered six eliminations at the semifinal stage of the UEFA Champions league. Speaking to Sky Sports after the match, Pep said they were very close to winning and qualifying to finals but Real Madrid kept attacking and they got the goals.

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