You can rebuild Ukraine, but these people are gone forever – President Zelensky

You can rebuild a house, but these people are gone forever – Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky


You can rebuild UKRAINE, but these people are gone forever – President Zelensky to WEST

Zelensky speaking on Minutes interview on April 10 told Scott Pelley about the situation of Ukrainian people. President Zelensky admit there have been losses but everything will be normal again and Ukrainians will come back stronger. “The bombardments will end we will recover our territory and there will be no Russian soldiers in our country” he said

Scott Pelley: Are you willing to give up any part of Ukraine for peace?

President Zelensky: overall we’re not ready to give away our country, I think we’ve already given up a lot of lives so we need to stand firm for as long as we can. But this is life, different things happen” he told 60 Minutes.

President Zelensky also respond to the West who want to help Ukrainian people rebuild their country. According to him, life is more precious than any country because it is the people who make up a country. He believe the West and well wishers across the world can help rebuild Ukraine but what Ukraine has lost most is Ukrainian people who have died. “You can rebuild Ukraine, but these people are gone forever” he said.

President Zelensky told South Korean Parliament over 10,000 people have been killed by Russian occupiers in Mariupol alone. Over 10,000 Ukraine civilians dead in Mariupol – Zelensky

He told the United States and its allies to supply more weapons for the Ukrainian army or Mariupol will fall. Ukraine officials fear Mariupol will fall to Russia if weapons are not supplied.

“You realize that all this before your eyes has happened in just four weeks and many of these things are irreversible. Thousands of lives. You can rebuild a house but these people are gone forever” President Zelensky said.

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“Every soldier on the lines of defense, every doctor who saves lives, every firefighter who stops a fire. Dozens and dozens of other professionals. Millions of people, which became one whole. We all withstood the hit together, we will rebuild our state together” he said.

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