You make living through fooling, You can’t evaluate wisdom- Sam George to Sheldon on LGBTQ controversy

The controversy surrounding the anti – LGBTQ bill parliament is currently working on to pass it into law is not ending anytime soon.

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The issue has become a huge conversation on social media as Ghanaians debate it. Leading Member of parliament for Ningo Prampram has come under massive pressure for leading colleague MPs to present the bill to parliament.

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According to Kwadwo Sheldon, the mp is “shallow minded” because to him, there are other important issues in his constituency he should be dealing, not issues regarding people’s sexual orientation.

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But according to the member of parliament, Sheldon has no right to judge people who are making proper arguments based on wisdom and critical thinking. According to him, he actually can’t evaluate wisdom since he “makes a living off fooling”

He also throws a jab, asking him if he paid his water bill.

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