You stole AC from Zylofon & gave it to your girlfriend – wisa Greid jabs Arnold for insulting Shatta wale

Wisa Greid couldn’t say a word to Arnold Baidoo after last week’s encounter when Arnold said Shatta wale was inconsistent with his career on Unitedshowbiz? He had to keep that for a whole week? Does he have another personal agenda hiding?

Wisa Greid’s descended heavily on Arnold for insulting ‘our international artiste to be confused and inconsistent’ he asked in his post, saying he, Arnold Baidoo Asamoah stole AC from the office of Zylofon and sent it fo his girlfriend and hou got caught. He asked.

He also revealed how the case was sent to the police station and till now, the case is still in police custody. He actually deleted his post but its still have receipts and here’s it.

And do you think he’s actually telling the truth? If yes, why did he delete it, or he is not man enough

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