You’ll be remembered for many deaths under your watch Yvonne Nelson to President Nana Akufo-Addo

Hours after the escalation of Ejura protest where two people have been confirmed dead with nine people severely injured, actress and movie personality, Yvonne Nelson has added her voice. According to the actress, there’s a lot actually happening and the President has been sitting aloof for sometime now. Many Ghanaians have criticize celebrities in the country for keeping quiet on latest happenings. Yvonne organized campaign some years back when Mahama was in power, to protest about dumsor, about power outages #DumsorMustStop. Now that Ghana is faced with insecurity issues, many have asked whether she’ll again use her influence to organize another protest this time around.

“Mr President, Nana Akufo-Addo, you’ll will remembered for the many things happening under your watch” she posted on her Twitter feed

Ejura protest started after one of their own Ibrahim Mohammed popularly known as Kaaka got killed in mob attack on June 28 around 1:30am. He was pronounced dead at Konfo Anokye hospital few hours after the mob. This triggered youth of the area to protest, demanding justice for their very own. But during the protests yesterday, there was a clash between the military and youths leading to two people losing their live in the process and many people suffering body injuries.

Injured persons are receiving treatment at the Ejura District hospital as we speak.

we’re we’re following this developments and we shall keep you informed.

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