Your sins will be washed away when you die in Ukraine – Patriarch Kirill to Russian soldiers (Watch)

The man of God fully supports his country’s invasion of Ukraine and have been adding his voice to the situation

Patriarch Kirill has over the months released messages in his sermons, backing Putin’s war in Ukraine. In one of his sermons, the Orthodox Priest said Russian soldiers should “fulfil their military duty in Ukraine”. According to him, even if they die, God will accept them in his kingdom. Read that here:Fulfill your military duty in Ukraine. If you die, you die for Russia and you’ll be in God’s kingdom – Patriarch Kirill (Video)

He’s again stressing on his statement, this time saying their sins will be washed away if they die in Ukraine. He revealed that fighting in Ukraine is sacrificing oneself for others which is a greater calling.

“The church recognises that if someone moved by a sense of duty and by a need to fulfil his oath, remains faithful his calling and carries out that which the duty commands and if he dies while carrying on that duty, then he’s committing an act tantamount to sacrifice. He is sacrificing himself for others. We believe that sacrifice washes away all the sins he has committed”

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