You’re a fool if you have all the power to stop galamsay and you don’t – Twene Jonas blast Asante hene Otumfuo Osei Tutu

Social media commentator Twene Jonas is in trouble for calling Otumfuo a ‘fool’. The youth activist who was seen in one of his new videos calling Asantehene a fool lands him in trouble with people cursing him.

According to him, he, Otumfuo Osei Tutu has all it takes to stop galamsay in Ghana. Twene Jonas noted that he has all the power at his disposal to put a stop to all galamsay activities in every part of Ashanti Kingdom. He also revealed that the king of Ashanti knows those behind galamsay but have failed to call them to order.

If you have all the power to stop galamsay and you’re not doing so, you’re a fool.

Jonas tells Otumfuo in a Facebook live broadcast.

He also blast those cursing him, calling them hypocrites. According to him, even Presidents of America, Joe Biden and Donald Trump gets criticized for doing wrong so who is Otumfuo? He furiously asked.

Many people are not taking his comments lightly, some have asked him to apologise for using such vulgar words on a whole king but Jonas is yet to make any response to the matter.

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