Zambia evacuate Citizens from Ethiopia as war intensifies

Zambia evacuate Citizens from Ethiopia as war intensifies

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Zambian government has evacuated citizens from Ethiopia as the African nation fear ongoing conflict between Tigray and the Ethiopian government will escalate.

Though African Union, United Nations and the United States are still in talks so both parties have dialogue to ceasefire, some countries still think things may even worsen.

President of the Republic of Zambia, Hakainde Hichilema says Zambia has successfully evacuated her citizens from the country. The President revealed in a tweet he did that on his own orders.

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“On my orders today, we have safely evacuated our fellow citizens from Ethiopia” the President said

Ethiopia is currently going through it all. Hours ago, Ethiopia detained 16 UN workers after authorities accused them of supporting Tigray forces, who are advancing towards Addis Ababa to take down the government. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has vowed to fight to the very end, asking all Ethiopians to come together, to fight the common enermy. Read more here Ethiopia detains 16 United Nations workers in Addis Ababa

“We thank the authorities for their cooperation and remain fully engaged on the matter. The life of every Zambian matters wherever they are” President Hakainde said

But the President’s statement has come under several criticisms as many believe his decision betrayed the people of Ethiopia as an African.

“Shameful act of betrayal to black solidarity. We are not in a simple political theatre, it is a triumph against subjugation and neo-colonialism. Yes, we will overcome it without you but history will record your conduct in red” one twitter account @Tesafari replied the President

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Others also hold a different view. “What were Zambian civilian going to do to solve Ethiopan problem sir?.This is a leader who is concerned about the safety of his people and you feel offended” @MunyaSiggs26 replied him.


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