Zimbabwean blogger faces criminal charges for posting “cutting of human toes” video online

The story of Zimbabweans cutting their toes for cars and huge sums of money is false

Zimbabwean blogger is currently facing criminal charges for posting cutting of human toes video online.

Zimbabwean blogger David Kaseke pulled a prank by telling a tabloid journalist that he was an agent for buyers of human toes.

His ‘fake video” of people cutting their toes went viral minutes after his first post on social media, and on his blog.

His post made the headlines of Zimbabweans cutting their toes for cars and huge sums of cash. But it all turned out to be false news. He was heard in the video saying joining “cutting of human toes” trade cost $200 while the toes costs between $25,000 to $75,000.

When questioned by Zimbabwean officials, David Kaseke told the court it was a harmless joke revealing he was drunk when the video was recorded.

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He is now facing “criminal nuisance” charges for deceiving the public. The State says his “conduct materially interfered with the comfort and convenience of tye public.

“In that on the 26 May 2022 and at the ximex Mall, David Kaseke unlawfully and intentionally recorded a video which was published on social media indicating to the public that he is an agent for people who buy human toes for USD 25,000 to USD 30000 for small toes and USD 75,000 for a bigger toe a conduct which materially interfered with the comfort, convenience, peace of the public as he had want only or mischievously raised false alarm to the public”

Full statement below

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