Journalists advocate for Russian athletes to be banned from Olympics for wearing murder,rape and genocidal symbols

Russian athletes have been allegedly seen in Olympic games displaying symbols of murder and torture

Pictures of some Russian athletes allegedly putting on Zwastika symbols have emerged on the Internet. Zwastika symbols in a way are symbols that depict kidnapping, torture, murder, rape and other genocidal crimes.

Though a group of people online are in doubt and believe them to be fake, a crop of journalists proved them wrong by identifying the source and its authentication. They were seen during the 2022 Olympic games held in Beijing just four days before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Again, they are seen wearing them in recent events according to reports.

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It has also been alleged that “over 50% of Russian Olympic team are active officers of the Russian army”, and “another dozens of percentage are active officers of militarized interior ministry units” according to Sergei Sumlenny.

Here are some suggestions that Russian athletes be banned

“The International Olympic Committee talks about the peaceful and unifying mission of world sports, explaining why they want to return Russians to Olympic. Let them see how Russian athletes support the war of aggression and Russian Occupation” Oleksandra Matviichuk

“Terrorist state sportsmen should be banned from Olympics, this is the only morraly right decision” Sylvia

“Take all Russians off the world stage now until there is change in Orc politics” Sherpa

FIFA and other sporting organisations have already banned Russia from participating in world or global football.

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